Bella Vita Gala - Poster Bella Vita Gala ~ 2007

The Event

Eternal Strength presents the Bella Vita Gala!

The event was held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on June 16, 2007.

Cristo and his team created a memorable evening for all in attendance. Funds raised totaled approximately $25,000 for the Alberta Cross Cancer Institute, and $7,500 for the Knights of Columbus Trojans soccer association.

With heartfelt love and appreciation, thank you to all who supported this event, and those who were instrumental in making it a huge success.

An Invitation, from Cristo

Those who dare to dream...
Those who dare to challenge the boundaries of "Eternal Strength"...
Those who dare to dedicate a portion of themselves to others...
This is my cause... This is my journey... This is my passion...

My musical journey is fulfilling me with a treasure of tender memories. I am feeling the affectionate embrace of vast supporters. I bear witness that music does warm our hearts and souls. My musical ideology bares many fruits.

First, my initial challenge is to raise $1 Million ($1,000,000) for the Alberta Cross Cancer Institute. I dub the journey as my "Eternal Strength" campaign in loving memory of my mother, Mirella Crudo. My mother has graced me with tender love, music, personality, respect and honesty. Moreover, I was taught to adhere to social responsibilities.

I invite you on my journey in support of this greater good. This is where my Eternal Strength campaign bares fruit. With your assistance, partial sponsorship proceeds of all my events, performances, and merchandise are donated to the Alberta Cross Cancer Institute for research, better care facilities, treatments, and education on cancer.

Second, my journey and challenge is to coordinate events and attend festivals. The goal is to create and participate in enjoyable, memorable experiences through the means of entertainment.

I have incorporated personal responsibilities throughout this entertainment voyage by introducing my own talents and skills.

My campaign is large in scope and I have acquired and affiliated myself with a myriad of associations and have socially involved myself to help my journey move forward. I have long-standing relationships with SOCAN, CMRRA, CRIA, and Indie Pool. I have also gained support through the Alberta Cross Cancer Institute, HMV, Chapters-Indigo, CKER 99.3, Global TV, and other media outlets across Canada and the United States.

Most importantly, the support of my family, friends, and those I meet along the way will help conquer cancer. We could stand alone or, together, conquer it with an army. I would be naive to imagine that I could accomplish this massive undertaking on my own.

With your help, I can take Eternal Strength Productions throughout North America, raising funds and awareness for the Alberta Cross Cancer Institute.

Kind regards, and blessings,


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